Manage Your Business, Not Your Data

We provide the foundation for financial organizations to leverage a single source of consistent and reliable information to power a number of mission critical technology applications.

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Why Albridge?

  • More than 10 years of experience delivering multi-custodial solutions
  • Albridge Ranked #1 Portfolio Management System 4 Years in a Row - By Financial Planning Magazine (2011 and 2010) and by InvestmentNews (2013 and 2012)
  • Interoperability with more than 50 technology providers

Performance Reporting

Albridge offers a scalable and reliable portfolio accounting and performance reporting solutions. Albridge performance reporting provides configurable reporting, personalized rate-of-return calculations, flexible delivery with a focus on data quality.

Deliver transparent and accurate reporting

Albridge Ranked #1 Portfolio Management System 4 Years in a Row - By Financial Planning Magazine (2011 and 2010) and by InvestmentNews (2013 and 2012)

Performance Reporting

Enterprise Data Management

Smarter decisions depend on complete, accurate and timely information. Albridge helps financial organizations consolidate customer information from dozens of diverse sources to create a holistic view of client relationships.

Leverage a single source of data

Enterprise Data Management

Business Intelligence

Albridge business intelligence solutions provide financial organizations with powerful analytics, reports and predictive models that can drive decisions and profitability, uncover new revenue opportunities, and improve operations and client service.

Get ahead of the curve

More and more businesses realize that business intelligence is not just a tool but rather a key corporate asset that they can use to survive.”

Forrester Research

Business Intelligence

Compliance Management

At Albridge, we recognize that managing compliance is a key priority for financial organizations. Our compliance management capabilities empower financial organizations to conduct firm-wide surveillance. Drawing from multi-custodial data across diverse systems firms receive streamlined exception recognition, documentation and reporting.

Automate compliance processes

Broker-dealers that have implemented best practices consistently report that they have increased confidence in their ability to expand investment advisors and AUM , without having to increase in compliance staff head count.”

Adam Antoniades
President, First Allied

Compliance Management

Operations Management

The Albridge data management model was created to be the foundation of a financial organization. Our experience in the broker-dealer space built the foundation that enable your operational teams to tap into our expertise and workflow tools to improve your firms efficiency.

Improve operational efficiency

Broker-dealers are projected to grow by 21% per year, doubling in size over the next five years.”

Broker-Dealer of the Future Study,
Pershing LLC

Operations Management


Albridge's open architecture allows financial organizations to leverage our enterprise data management platform to power other mission critical applications. Both investment professionals and back office teams can leverage their preferred business applications while using a single consistent and reliable source of data.

Improve enterprise collaboration

Due to the nature of our business, data access has always been a challenge. Albridge is one of the few providers that truly understands how to bring multiple sources of financial services data together to get a single client view.”

Lon T. Dolber,
CEO, CIO & President
American Portfolios Holdings, Inc. (APH)


Industry Perspectives

Using Technology to Expand Your Practice

Advisors are looking for technology to differentiate themselves. They also want to make their practices, and their lives, more efficient. Albridge Wealth Reporting™ (AWR - a Web-based solution) consolidates client account data from hundreds of diverse sources, giving an advisor the ability to access important client information instantly—from anywhere, at anytime.

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Featured Solution

Albridge Management Reports

Albridge Management Reports offers insights into your firm’s sales activities and holdings by leveraging pre-defined reports tailored to the needs of executives, regional sales directors and branch managers.

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Albridge Document Management

Albridge Document Management stores vast quantities of Web-accessible e-documents in easily searchable formats, a few keystrokes away. Incoming paper documents can be scanned locally, quickly and easily. We also help clients manage the conversion of paper files to e-documents.

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Albridge Applink

Albridge believes interoperability is rapidly becoming a hallmark of high-performance financial firms. Applink provides a single sign-on interface and integrates all investment professional-facing applications. Through the interoperable portal, investment professionals and staff members who support them can access client data and a variety of applications—including more than 50 third-party programs.

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Albridge Wealth Reporting

A Web-based portfolio management system integrating portfolio accounting and performance reporting to deliver an accurate, single view of investor assets.

  • Evaluates holdings, performance, tax data
  • Tracks portfolio performance on-demand, with a choice of return calculations
  • Integrates client data with third-party software

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Albridge Replicated Data

Albridge delivers a consolidated repository of transaction and position information from multiple back-office and legacy systems. You will realize savings from eliminating needless duplication of systems, data and processes. This holistic data set allows for integration into a variety of applications and enterprise data management solutions.

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Albridge Data Warehouse

Albridge Data Warehouse is a turnkey solution that is preloaded with Albridge data, custom data and pre-defined business intelligence reports. Albridge enables you to extract, transform and load data into a versatile data warehouse design in a fraction of the time. Our solution drives predictive analytics, "what if" analysis and truly actionable reporting—from front to back office.

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Albridge Sales Practice Monitoring

Albridge Sales Practice Monitoring draws from multi-custodial data across diverse systems for easier exception recognition, follow up, resolution, documentation and, ultimately, reporting through our partnership with Actimize.

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Albridge Quarterly Performance Reporting

Albridge Quarterly Performance Reporting provides access to a comprehensive performance reporting package—meeting your firm's needs for customized report formats, content and calculation methods. It supports value-added services such as asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing and loss harvesting.

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Albridge Data Aggregation

To guide your clients toward their ultimate financial goals, you need a complete picture of their assets. Albridge Data Aggregation, powered by CashEdge, affords a 360-degree view of each client’s entire portfolio, including assets held-away. Armed with this information, you can sharpen financial strategies and build stronger client relationships.

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Albridge Wealth Desktop

Analyze model portfolios and create client proposals leveraging Zacks Investment Research and Lipper data.

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Albridge Market Information

Access market data, news and intelligence gathering tools directly from Albridge Wealth Reporting™.

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